Enlightened Leadership
Rediscover Ethical Principles as the Engine for Success

What are the really effective and potent principles for our time? How can we attain both our private and professional goals? How can we become a role model for others? How can we create a better society, a more successful company, a happy family?

In his lively lectures full of wisdom, emotion and humor, Geshe Michael Roach gives us deep, inspiring and sometimes surprising insights into topics such as job, family, relationship and every-day life. You get to know the Diamond-Cutter principles and learn how to use them.

In cooperation with BVMW
Public Talk: ”Enlightened Leadership. Rediscover Ethical Principles as the Engine for Success”
Friday,  June 10, 7 pm – 9.30 pm, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt, Schaumainkai 53 (Museumsufer), 60596 Frankfurt am Main.

Englisch (with German translation)
Tickets at the desk:  30,- Euro, VAT included (please bring cash)

Geshe Michael Roach

The founder of the Diamond Cutter Institute and of Diamond Mountain University is an internationally successful author, key-note speaker and director of the DCI Teacher Training. He was one of the founders of Andin International Cooperation developing from a start-up to a 250 million USD company and sold to Warren Buffet in 2009. Geshe Michael Roach is a Buddhist monk speaking several Asian and Western languages. He was the first student from the West who was awarded the Buddhist doctor’s degree of „Geshe“ at Sera Mey University in India. His internationally acclaimed bestseller “The Diamond Cutter“ was translated into more than 20 languages. More than 3 million people all over the world use this book for personal and professional success.
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